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The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare: Cold War Organizations and the National Committee for a Free Europe

Kádár Lynn, Katalin Ed.
Helena History Press

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Each of the essays in this volume focuses on an organization or activity funded through the National Committee for a Free Europe, Inc. (NCFE was known as the Free Europe Committee, Inc. after 5 March 1954) during the war of ideas and ideals in which the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged that came to be known as the Cold War. This US government sponsored organization existed between 1949 and 1971 and was but one aspect of United States policy arising from the policy of containment and an aggressive stance against Soviet Expansionism. The NCFE’s original charge, as outlined in 3 May 1948 by George Kennan to the National Security Council in a policy paper titled “The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare”, was to wage “organized political warfare” which became the ideological basis for US policy during the Cold War. In large part this effort involved the U.S.-based exiles from the nations of Central and East Europe that had become Soviet satellites after World War II. The NCFE organization was developed and directed by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Policy Coordination. The first chairman of NCFE’s Executive Committee was Allen W. Dulles, and it was operated and funded covertly through American intelligence channels throughout its twenty-two year existence as an ostensibly private, not for profit entity funded by donations from the American public.
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Upcoming Appearances:

Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Conference
November 20-23, 2014

San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.

Recent Appearances:

Debrecen Nyári Egyetem: University of Debrecen, Debrecen Hungary
July 29-August 3, 2013

Conference Theme: Central Europe and the English Speaking World
Author of Paper: Béla Varga and the Hungarian National Council: Beyond Politics
Chair of panel, Roundtable Session participant

Association for Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies National Conference: New Orleans November 15-18, 2012

Boundaries: the Challenges for Independent Scholars in Slavic and East European Studies
Author of paper: Researching Tibor Eckhardt: The Research Challenges Faced by an Independent Scholar in the European Union
Roundtable Session Organizer "Cold War Activism: Organizations Sponsored and Funded by the National Committee for a Free Europe"

Conference: East Central Europe in Exile: Patterns of Transatlantic Migration
May 31- June 3, 2012

University of Gdansk, Poland
Paper: Tibor Eckhardt: Hungarian Emigre Politics

Munk Centre for International Studies

American Hungarian Educators Association: 37th Annual Conference
26-29 April, 2012

Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Paper: The Unknown Tibor Eckhardt: Politician, Statesman, Cold War Intelligence Operative

February 27, 2012: Munk School of Global Affairs

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Lecture: Tibor Eckhardt and the "Pond", Hungarian Emigre Politics and US Intelligence.

February 25, 2012: Parameter Club - Magyar Értékek Klubja

Toronto, Canada

Round table discussion on "The Unknown Tibor Eckhardt"

Dr. Kádár Lynn awarded the Gold Cross of Merit

In 2007 Dr. Kádár Lynn and her husband Douglas Lynn established a foundation based in Hungary, Modern Minerva Alapitvány, supporting graduate students in their efforts to publish and publicize their research and writing.

Gold Cross of Merit

On March 13th, 2011, Dr. Kádár Lynn was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit from the President of the Hungarian Republic for her work with Modern Minerva Alapitvány. This national recognition from the Hungarian Office of the President is awarded for advancing the interests of the independent and democratic Hungary.

The medal was presented by Ambassador Balázs Bokor, the Hungarian consul general in Los Angeles. The presentation date of the decoration traditionally coincides with the Hungarian National Day on March 15th commemorating the Hungarian Revolution and following War of Independence against the Austrian-Habsburg rule in 1848-49.

Margaret Bourke-White Photographs English Edition

Margaret Bourke-White Photographs

The English edition of Through an American Lens, Hungary, 1938: Photographs of Margaret Bourke-White is now available. The English edition is a treasure trove of photographs, most unpublished until now, taken during a month long trip to Hungary in the pivotal political year of 1938 by Life Magazine's most renowned photojournalist, Margaret Bourke-White. The photographs not only furnish us with a look at pre-WWII Hungary and its people, but because Bourke-White took unsentimental portraits of the major political figures in Hungary, from the far right to the far left, Communists, Fascists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Smallholders, as well as the primary government officials, it provides us with an insight into these individuals and history provides us with the consequences of their actions.

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Katalin Kádár Lynn is a historian specializing in research related to United States, Central and East European relations during World War II and the Cold War.

Educated at the University of Colorado at Denver, she earned her undergraduate degree with a dual major in English Literature and in History, followed by a graduate degree in the Master of Liberal Arts program at Washington University in St. Louis. Her interest in the wartime and post-war history of Central and East European history prompted her to enroll in the doctoral program at Eötvös Loránd University, (the University of Budapest) where she earned her Ph.D. in 2005 cum laude.

Dr. Kádár Lynn is the author of Tibor Eckhardt: His American Years 1941-1972, a work published in the United States and Hungary. She has edited several of Dr. Eckhardt’s works including his posthumously published memoirs, (Tibor Eckhardt: In His Own Words) published in the United States and in Hungary. She also recently compiled and edited a collection of the works of the internationally celebrated photographer Margaret Bourke-White taken in Hungary in 1938 and unpublished until now. The text for the book was jointly written by Kádár Lynn and Dr. Karoly Szerencsés, Professor of History at ELTE, Magyarország 1938: egy amerikai szemével, Margaret Bourke-White fotói. The English edition of the Bourke White book was published in the United States in 2011 by East European Monographs In addition to the text of the Hungarian edition, it includes brief historical essays by Dr. Péter Strausz. She also edited a prior book written by Dr. Eckhardt published in 1964, entitled Regicide at Marseilles, which has been translated into Hungarian by Dr. Strausz and published in Hungary in 2009 by L'Harmattan.

Dr. Kádár Lynn's upcoming book entitled The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare: Cold War Organizations and the National Committee for a Free Europe, a compendium of essays by Dr. Kádár Lynn, Dr. Tibor Frank, Dr. Toby Charles Rider, Dr. Francis Raska, Dr. Anna Maurkiewicz and several other colleagues will be published 2012.

Dr. Kádár Lynn's research has appeared regularly in scholarly journals. She has presented her research papers at scholarly conferences including those of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, the American Hungarian Educators Association, and the National Coalition of Independent Scholars.

Dr. Kádár Lynn serves as a Trustee of the American Hungarian Library and Historical Society of New York City as an officer of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. She serves on the Eötvös Loránd University United States alumni board, the board of the Hungarian Studies Association and the board of the Hungarian American Chamber of Commerce in Northern California. She is a board member and officer of the Mzuri Wildlife Foundation, and served as Reciprocal Clubs committee chair at the Metropolitan Club of San Francisco. Her other community interests include the arts, where she has served variously on the boards of the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary where she chaired the opening night gala and co-chaired the 75th Anniversary New Works Festival Dinner, the Denver Symphony Association, where she served as a Trustee and chaired the Marketing Committee, the Denver, Colorado Mayor's Commission on the Arts, the Opera Theatre of St. Louis Trustees and the board of the Friends of the St. Louis, Missouri Art Museum. She also served on the Women's Board of the National Jewish Hospital at Denver.

In 2007 Dr. Kádár Lynn and her husband established a foundation based in Hungary,Modern Minerva Alapitvány, supporting graduate students in their efforts to publish and publicize their research and writing.

Prior to her return to graduate school, Dr. Kádár Lynn had an extensive successful management career in retail marketing and retail marketing education. She returned to her first area of scholarship and interest, 20th century history, in the mid-1990's when she enrolled to complete her graduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis.

Born in Budapest, she emigrated with her family first to Germany and then to the United States where she became a naturalized American citizen. Currently, Dr. Kádár Lynn and her husband, Douglas Lynn, a retired real estate developer, divide their time between their homes in Saint Helena, California and Budapest, Hungary.

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Independent scholar focusing on historical research related to United States — Central & East European relations during WWII and the Cold War.


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Katalin Kádár Lynn is widely recognized for having written the official biography of the Hungarian political figure Dr. Tibor Eckhardt's American years and for her success in uncovering archival material, both about his American years and his years spent in his Hungarian homeland that had not been previously published. She also served as the editor of Dr. Eckhardt's posthumously published "Memoirs" as well as the editor of his book, Recollections of Tibor Eckhardt: Regicide at Marseilles, published in Hungarian in 2009.

Her work focuses on the larger themes of Central and East European émigré political movements in the United States and the west after WWII and United States government sponsored émigré organizations and cold war organizations. She has also written on the political impact to the Carter Administration of the return of the Crown of St. Stephen by the United States government to the communist government of Hungary. Her work includes an article on George Creel's Hungarian connections, Creel was famously known as the greatest propagandist of the 20th century having been appointed by President Wilson during WWI to head the Committee on Public Information. Her discovery of a trove of unpublished photographs taken by Margaret Bourke-White on her 1938 trip to Hungary resulted in a book recently published in Hungary and the US, the work shows us riveting photos of the full pantheon of the Hungarian political leadership in the critical pre-wear year of 1938.

An upcoming book she is editing on the National Committee for a Free Europe and the various Cold War organizations sponsored by that body is eagerly awaited by scholars. Also upcoming is the biography of Tibor Eckhardt’s Hungarian Years 1888-1941. She is also researching and writing about some of the more colorful characters that were involved in the movement for Hungarian revision during the interwar period, Lord Rothermere and Stephania von Hohenlohe. Kádár Lynn is a member of various scholarly organizations and regularly presents papers at their conferences.


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