Gyarmatokból impérium

Gyarmatokból impérium

ed. Tibor Frank
Katalin Kádár Lynn, "George Creel and Hungary: (George Creel és Magyarország:) pp. 134-157


Includes Kádár Lynn's essay on George Creel and Hungary. George Creel was the first great political propagandist, the man who "sold the [first world] war" to the American people, member of Woodrow Wilson's Cabinet, who at Wilson's behest traveled in Central Europe in 1919 evaluating the war torn states and particularly Hungary in the last stages of it's 1919 Communist Revolution. Creel, later head of the NRA in California in the 30's, member of FDR's kitchen cabinet, became great friend of Hungary and of Hungarian political figures such as Tibor Eckhardt and Istvan Bethlen.

Other essay's related to Hungary and the west by authors such as Dr. András Csillag.


Budapest, Gondolat Kiadó, 2007

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