Tibor Eckhardt:
His American Years 1941-1972

Tibor Eckhardt: His American Years 1941-1972

Katalin Kádár Lynn
Forward by Dr. Otto Hamos


A detailed history recounting Tibor Eckhardt's last trip to the United States from Hungary in 1941 and his subsequent involuntary exile from his homeland as a result of the Hungarian government's increased alignment with the Axis. Thoroughly researching Eckhardt's American years, with the cooperation of Tibor Eckhardt Jr., Kádár Lynn has uncovered archival material that provides extensive evidence of the wide spread and long lasting communist disinformation campaign against Eckhardt begun in earnest in early 1941,which continued well into the 1960's, of the paid campaign against Eckhardt by the Czech Government in Exile and of that government's link to the Soviet intelligence service. As well as the campaign against him by British Intelligence (Special Operations Executive) in cooperation with the Czech's. It explains Eckhardt's leadership role in the Hungarian exile communities and in the west, as the spokesman for the "country that could no longer speak for itself" first under Nazi control and then under Soviet occupation. It details his involvement with various exile organizations, first the Free Hungary Movement during WWII and then various Cold War organizations such as the Hungarian National Council, Assembly of Captive Europe Nations as well as the leadership of First Aid for Hungary the first response organization Eckhardt founded to meet the needs of the refugees of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.


East European Monographs. Columbia University Press. Boulder and New York. 2005. Hungarian Edition , June 2008, L'Harmattan, Budapest and Paris.

Hungarian Edition.
translated into Hungarian by Peter Strausz
Eckhardt Tibor Visszaemlékezészek 1941-1943.
2008, L'Harmattan, Budapest and Paris.

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