Eckhardt Tibor
Visszaemlékezészek 1941-1943

Eckhardt Tibor Visszaemlékezészek 1941-1943

ed. Katalin Kádár Lynn
Forward by Dr. Otto Hamos


A highly personal account by Tibor Eckhardt, one of the founders of the Smallholders Party, the primary leader of the opposition in Hungarian parliament during the during the inter-war period. Written by Eckhardt in the last few years before his death in 1972, the book details the relationship of the Hungarian government and the west during the critical war years of 1940-1943, but also provides insight regarding the interwar years in material that has not been released before. The book manuscript was discovered by Dr. Kádár Lynn in the American Hungarian Library and Historical Society in New York and published with the permission and cooperation of Dr. Eckhardt's son, Tibor Eckhardt Jr.


Hungarian Edition.
Translated by Peter Strausz
Eckhardt Tibor Visszaemlékezészek 1941-1943.
2008, L'Harmattan, Budapest and Paris.

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